November 16, 2018
Another Time, Another Place (1958)
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Another Time, Another Place
Category: Drama
Director: Lewis Allen (I)
Cast: Lana Turner, Barry Sullivan, Sean Connery, Terence Longdon, Martin Stephens, Doris Hare, Julian Somers, John Le Mesurier, Cameron Hall, Jane Welsh, Robin Bailey, Bill Fraser
Rated: Unrated
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Plot Summary
Lana Turner is a female American journalist who has an affair with BBC war correspondent, Sean Connery, during WWII. When Connery is killed in action, Turner returns to his hometown to console his wife.
Cast List
Lana Turner           Sara Scott
Barry Sullivan           Carter Reynolds
Sean Connery           Mark Trevor
Terence Longdon           Alan Thompson
Martin Stephens           Brian Trevor
Doris Hare           Mrs. Bunker
Julian Somers           Hotel Manager
John Le Mesurier           Dr. Aldridge
Cameron Hall           Alfy
Jane Welsh           Jonesy
Robin Bailey           Captain Barnes
Bill Fraser           R.E. Sergeant